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Or is TorProject coming out with a new release to address it? So has anyone noticed that the latest workaround for OS Feb 14 Worked fine last week, but from this weekend on I'm having some difficulty here. I downloaded the file as advised above and keep getting the following errors to the point it won't even start up:. Feb 15 Running on Darwin Power Macintosh Feb 15 If I change the port it connects but other applications won't work it's almost like it's causing dual problems. How can I fix this? This worked for a while, but as of Feb.

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Also, Little Snitch is telling me that TOR is trying to use the internet even when the app isn't running. What's up with that? I have the same problem I'm a newbie The latest 0. I had the same problem.

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So I downloaded the mentioned package and it worked. No problem.

But the next start of Vidalia I get a new error: Could not bind to Still not working with either 0. Same "TLS error: unexpected close while renegotiating". Thanks for fixing Tor for OSX; 2. OSX Apr 14 Running on Darwin i Apr 14 Looks like client functionality is working. If this happens a lot, either something is wrong with your network connection, or something is wrong with theirs. Apple workaround for openssl issues on OS X Their response is: Thank you for your report of this issue with Tor.

It's working It's working. Maybe it's the wrong place Maybe it's the wrong place here, but since you are talking about the Mac: I'd really love to see the old "tor mac expert package" again. Tor It doesn't work. Working for me.

Apple Java for Mac OS X 10.5

Thanks for Working for me. Thanks for jumping on this. It was a bit awkward.

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Crashes immediately after Crashes immediately after launch for me too I installed the new security I installed the new security updates. I cant compile 0. I get the following error. This is with openssl 0. Im stumped What version of openssl is What version of openssl is used to compile tor 0. Hi, It's not about this Hi, It's not about this subject, but i don't how can i send this notification. I'm not surprised, the Cuban I'm not surprised, the Cuban robberlutionary dis-government i.

Many thanks Mac OS X Many thanks! Hi, Does anyone have a hint Hi, Does anyone have a hint for the following problem, please? I have two Macs, both are I have two Macs, both are intel and both are running the latest patched version of I am I'm a novice Tor user. After a long period of running Tor without difficulty, I started receiving the same error message reported in the message strings above: Feb 10 I want to help Iranian I want to help Iranian people and other open a relay but on osx So has anyone noticed that So has anyone noticed that the latest workaround for OS Choose the SDK not the Framework only download.

Install macports 1. Dmg is fine as well. Configure macports to install Pkgconfig is also required to help cmake finding these libs. It's default for portaudio apparently.

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It takes more than 1 hour on macbook 2Ghz make -f MakeFile. Call the install target.

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The bundle is copied from Release directory into applebuild directory. All resources help, templates etc This target calls a script derived from this one. It creates a self contained bundle thanks to macdeployqt by adding and stripping the Qt libraries into the MuseScore bundle. It also adds Qt plugins, portaudio and libsndfile. A dmg file is created with a nice background and well positioned icons.